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We're launching the long awaited

Toe Reading Academy Certification

Level One Certification: A deep dive into reading your own ​toes and other's toes. This is a 5 day, 10-15 hour intensive ​(60 - 120 minutes per day) the week of March 27 - 31, 2023.

You'll leave this course knowing:

  • How to read each toe in depth
  • How to read other people's toes for high level ​interactions
  • Questions to ask for deeper understanding and ​connection
  • How to use this information for your own soul ​evolution

Level 2 Certification: You'll learn about the energetics,​ generational, past lives information in the Toes. Learn​ manual and energy shifting techniques. And how to start​ your own Toe Reading Business and using Toe Reading​ with other modalities.​

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We do monthly workshops so you ​can see what the

Sole Movement is all about!

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What is Toe reading?

Your body is always speaking to you, and toes are the first messengers. Long before ​things show up in other places in the body, the toes will “speak” it to you first. Toe ​reading helps people know where they are right now, where they’ve been, hidden beliefs ​& stories, strengths, values, trauma, and so much more. One of the biggest questions ​people ask themselves is “am I on the right path?” And the answer to this can be found ​in the toes, the big right toe to be exact. Toe Readers understand the “language” of ​toes and can translate it so you understand what your toes are saying to you. The toes ​can’t lie, not even to oneself. The toes help shine a light on what may be hidden and ​help change the energy patterns that are blocking you to reaching your full potential. ​Toe reading is based on the same underlying premise as palmistry, iridology, ​reflexology, and tongue reading. The premise is that all of our experiences are stored as ​cell memory, there is more going on around and in us that we consciously comprehend, ​and the body knows and shows this, especially the toes.

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Find out what your toes are trying to tell you.

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You will leave these fun workshops with tons of ​great information you can use right away.

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Watch the live readings @toereadingacademy

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Start your own Toe Reading Business or integrate this ​powerful modality with your existing services.

I usually get one of three responses when I tell someone ​"I am a Toe Reader"

- "I have weird/ ugly feet"

- "Really?" while thinking; "this is bonkers..."

- "Tell me more! This is fascinating!"

I'm guessing if you are here wanting to learn more, you ​are probably a little of all of the above!

Happy Toes

Hi, I'm Christina Jenkins, I'm a Toe Reader!

I've got a burning passion for learning and sharing knowledge with humanity. I'm ​the founder of the Toe Reading Academy and the creator of Embody Your ​Essence Brand. I specialize in guiding people to uncover their soul self (Essence) ​using a variety of modalities, including Toe Reading, Astrology, and Tarot. I'm an ​international speaker, Reiki Master (Usui & Karuna), Feng Shui Practitioner, ​Medicine Woman, and Biz & Branding coach as well as a bunch of other ​certifications…because I really love to learn. I'm the mother of four Amazing ​Humans, an African Grey Parrot, and a Sphynx Cat.

On my own healing journey I saw an ad in the paper many years ago (remember ​those days??) offering a toe reading class one Saturday afternoon. I was ​intrigued (like you probably are if you have read this much of my website) and ​attended. It was in a sketchy part of town in a basement room. An unlikely start ​to a deep passion. What they were teaching really clicked, I got it, it made so ​much sense and put with my other skills and knowledge I could see how it would ​be life changing. Well, I have looked and looked for those angels who first taught ​me about Toe Reading, and I've never found them. Knowing how to read toes ​has changed my life, and likely saved my daughter's life (that's a story I tell in my ​workshops).

The Universe has been calling me for a long time to spread the word about this ​work. So, here it is. Almost two decades and thousands of readings later, I ​present the Toe Reading Academy!

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Are you a gamechanger?

Join the Sole Movement and become a Certified Toe Reader!

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