Toe Reading Academy™


Level One Certification: A deep dive into reading your own toes and other's toes. This is a 5 day, 10-15 hour intensive (90 - 120 minutes per day). The next Certification Course will be December 4 - December 8, 2023.

You'll leave this course knowing:

  • How to read each toe in depth
  • How to read other people's toes for high level interactions
  • Questions to ask for deeper understanding and connection
  • How to use this information for your own soul evolution

Level 2 Certification: You'll learn about the energetics, generational, past lives information in the Toes. Learn manual and energy shifting techniques. And how to start your own Toe Reading Business and using Toe Reading with other modalities.

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Recording is available to all who register. You will learn to read toes for personal development & high level interactions and experience live toe readings for the first 5 who register (must be present for the reading).

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What is Toe reading?

Your body is always speaking to you, and toes are the first messengers. Long before ​things show up in other places in the body, the toes will “speak” it to you first. Toe ​reading helps people know where they are right now, where they’ve been, hidden beliefs ​& stories, strengths, values, trauma, and so much more. One of the biggest questions ​people ask themselves is “am I on the right path?” And the answer to this can be found ​in the toes, the big right toe to be exact. Toe Readers understand the “language” of ​toes and can translate it so you understand what your toes are saying to you. The toes ​can’t lie, not even to oneself. The toes help shine a light on what may be hidden and ​help change the energy patterns that are blocking you to reaching your full potential. ​Toe reading is based on the same underlying premise as palmistry, iridology, ​reflexology, and tongue reading. The premise is that all of our experiences are stored as ​cell memory, there is more going on around and in us that we consciously comprehend, ​and the body knows and shows this, especially the toes.

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Find out what your toes are trying to tell you.

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You will leave these fun workshops with tons of ​great information you can use right away.

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Watch the live readings @toereadingacademy

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Start your own Toe Reading Business or integrate this ​powerful modality with your existing services.

I usually get one of three responses when I tell someone ​"I am a Toe Reader"

- "I have weird/ ugly feet"

- "Really?" while thinking; "this is bonkers..."

- "Tell me more! This is fascinating!"

I'm guessing if you are here wanting to learn more, you ​are probably a little of all of the above!

Happy Toes

Hi, I'm Christina Jenkins, I'm a Toe Reader!

I've got a burning passion for learning and sharing knowledge with humanity. I'm ​the founder of the Toe Reading Academy™ and the creator of Embody Your​ Essence Brand®. I specialize in guiding people to uncover their soul self​ (Essence) using a variety of modalities, including Toe Reading, Astrology, and​ Tarot. I'm an international speaker, Reiki Master (Usui & Karuna), Feng Shui​ Practitioner, Medicine Woman, and Biz & Branding coach as well as a bunch of​ other certifications…because I really love to learn. I'm the mother of four​ Amazing Humans, an African Grey Parrot, and a Sphynx Cat. ​

On my own healing journey I saw an ad in the paper many years ago (remember​ those days??) offering a toe reading class one Saturday afternoon. I was​ intrigued (like you probably are if you have read this much of my website) and​ attended. It was in a sketchy part of town in a basement room. An unlikely start​ to a deep passion. What they were teaching really clicked, I got it, it made so​ much sense and put with my other skills and knowledge I could see how it would​ be life changing. Well, I have looked and looked for those angels who first taught​ me about Toe Reading, and I've never found them. Knowing how to read toes​ has changed my life, and likely saved my daughter's life (that's a story I tell in my​ workshops). ​

The Universe has been calling me for a long time to spread the word about this​ work. So, here it is. Almost two decades and thousands of readings later, I​ present the Toe Reading Academy™​!

Are you a gamechanger?

Join the Sole Movement and become a Certified Toe Reader!

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Meet our Certified Toe Readers

Tammara Dawn Beck is a visionary and spiritual leader who is deeply connected to The All That Is, which she lovingly refers to as TATI. Her heart is filled with gratitude and joy, and she believes in supporting and buying local to strengthen her community.

Tammara is a manifestor and risk-taker who believes that giving and receiving must coexist to achieve a balance in life. She has a deep appreciation for Mexican cuisine and believes that messy hair, particularly her own lion's mane, is the best look for her.

As someone who sees the big picture and is curious by nature, Tammara is intuitive and has a strong connection to the waters of the earth. She is a mother and the founder of the Center of Healing Retreat Center.

Tammara's inner guidance has led her to create an off-grid community where individuals can share their gifts with one another to thrive. She envisions this community as a haven where people of all ages can be mentally, physically, and spiritually nourished. She believes that there are three critically important recipes to living life: gratitude, joy, and giving.

Contact Tammara at:

Angie Wheeler is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Healing Practitioner, Spiritual Medium, Hairstylist, and Entrepreneur of over twenty years.

In 2013 Angie had a profound dark night of the soul that caused her to question her faith, the purpose of life, and why she wasn’t healing fully from her painful past. For 11 years, she struggled as a single parent and suffered CPTSD from low self-worth, years of abusive relationship dynamics, and not knowing where she fit in spiritually or on earth.

Through deep spiritual surrender she was guided to teachers, tools, and teachings that helped her completely heal her CPTSD and find all the deep spiritual answers she was seeking within. Now she wants to help you do the same.

Angie has qualified training and certification in Life Mastery Institute, Emotion Code Therapy, Holy Fire/Karuna Reiki Master and Teacher Training, Heart Centered Therapy, Munay-Ki Shamanic Empowerment Rites, Toe Reading Therapy, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.

Contact Angie at:

Elise Allred has been involved in the healing arts for over thirty years. She has a heart full of love, compassion, and understanding. Her mission in life is to help others create a Divine relationship between themselves and their Higher Power. She has a great love for the energy of Mother Earth and Heaven and loves to dwell between the two worlds and teaches people how they can do the same.

Elise has been trained and certified in many healing modalities including: Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master, Reconnective Healing, Heart Centered Therapy, and Simple Healing. She has received all the healing rites of the Munay-Ki and will be administering the 13th Womb Healing Rite at this Retreat.

Elise loves the indigenous practice of the Native drum and has been facilitating healing drum circles and drum making for the last six years with her Sacred Rhythm Studios. She is a wife, mother, and Oma. She has faced many challenges including depression and caring for loved ones with drug addictions. She lives with a grateful heart and gives thanks to God for trusting her to be a vessel of light in the world.

Contact Elise at: +1.801.660.9968 text

Ann Goodspeed is a Lover of all things Simple & Whole-istic. Mother of 3 beautiful souls, enjoying the rapid growth of our young family, currently residing in Moab, Utah. Graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner. Type 1 Diabetes thriver for 45+ years. Ann’s always been a connector and loves sharing what’s helped her and what she believes will benefit others.

She was introduced to Energy Healing during a very challenging time in her late 30’s. The results experienced were incredible and there began her journey of holistic healing and training. During her studies, she quickly discovered that, Healing Doesn’t have to be so hard!!!Ann’s mission and passion is sharing tools, techniques and teaching simple ways to create greater hope, health and happiness. Energy Healing Made Simple! Your subconscious knows exactly what’s needed to feel well. The Emotion / Body Code is on the forefront of energy healing and energy healing is the next frontier of medicine.

It is quick, very effective and identifies the cause of your health concerns right away, allowing your body to do what it’s designed, so you can move on with your life feeling a greater sense of balance and wholeness within.

Contact Ann at:

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